Turfplaner of Georgia
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Baseball & Softball

One of the biggest problem areas on a baseball or softball field is the lip area where the infield dirt meets the grass. This area gets built up over time, causing a major safety hazzard for players. Before Turfplaning, removing lips was a multi step process:

1) Remove the existing sod with a sod cutter
2) Remove the dirt buildup with a skid steer loader, box blade or by hand
3) Re-install the removed sod, roll in and re-root in the grass.
This process is time consuming, labor intensive and the fields are usually closed for 2 weeks or more while the sod grows a new root system. 

With Turfplaning™, removing lips is a breeze. The Turfplaner™ mills down the area, removing the unwanted lip while leaving the root system intact. You can resume play on the field immediately, and more importantly the field is safe to play on.

Turfplaning™ is also used to renovate entire baseball and softball fields, including the infield dirt area. Whether your field has drainage issues, or is just not as smooth and consistent as you would like, the Turfplaning™ process can turn your field into a 1st class playing surface, without breaking the bank!
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