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What are the advantages to Turfplaning over traditional methods? 
Significantly lower cost, more accurate, takes less time, fields are ready for play quicker, environmentaly friendly process.
What time of year is best for Turfplaning?
Most fields where we Turfplane the entire field (football, softball, soccer, golf tees, polo) are done during the growing season (April through late July). Fields that are overseeded with rye in the fall (High School Baseball) can be done any time between May and October. Lip removal on baseball and softball fields can be done almost any time of year.
How long before my grass recovers?
In most cases you will see full turf recovery in 3-6 weeks, when following our reccomended grow in procedure. Occasionally on fields where we have to remove more than 2" of material, the grow in can take 2-3 more weeks. You will be consulted before Turfplaning begins as to the time frame you should expect based upon our initial field survey.
How much does it cost?
Typical Turfplaning costs are roughly 1/8th the cost of traditional renovation methods.
How do I get an estimate?
Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will be glad to come out and give you a FREE consultation and estimate.
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